Food & Recipes: A big step on our family journey has been to stop buying packaged products wherever we can.

We have eliminated some things we just don’t need and have started to make many of the things we still use at home. We are also lucky to have a handful of local bulk stores to choose from for many of the ingredients we need for our recipes.

Russ has always been a passionate cook and prepares all of our meals from scratch with fresh ingredients. We are vegetarian (although Amelie eats meat and will make her own mind up when she’s older) and healthy eating is a big part of our life. Russ is now expanding his repertoire in the kitchen even further by learning to make tofu, yoghurt and bread amongst other things. You will be able to find many of his vegetarian recipes on the blog, most of which can be adapted for a vegan diet.

We hope that by sharing these recipes we will be able to help you on your zero waste journey! Let us know how you get on with them and what you think!

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