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Our Journey

Welcome to Family Naturally, our family journey towards a healthier and more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

We want to bring our daughter up in a healthy & eco-friendly way that leads us, as a family, towards a more sustainable future.

We’re taking it step by step to reduce our impact on the planet and at the same time spending as much family time together as we can. For us, this means being outdoors and also eating healthy, natural food but doing so in a sustainable way.

We’ve always recycled and composted our food waste but earlier this year we started to become more aware of our ‘single use’ plastic consumption.

We are Russ, Andrea & Amelie, originally from the UK, now living in Geneva, Switzerland. Previously I had been working in TV and video post production and am now a photographer, blogger and stay at home dad. Andrea works in the corporate world and is also leading her office’s initiative to reduce single use plastic. Amelie was born in Geneva in 2013 and this is now where we call home.

We love the outdoors and spend most weekends either in the mountains or around Lac Leman. We really want Amelie to grow up appreciating the natural world but also to recognise its fragility and the impact we all have on the planet.

We’ve been vegetarian for 20 years but want Amelie to make her own choices. At home she eats a veggie diet but at school and when eating out she has the choice to eat meat or fish (as we both did as children). We have educated her from an early age about where her food comes from and also why we have chosen to become vegetarian.

We started by taking a look at the waste we were generating each week. This lead us to the realisation that we wanted to make a change in our life. Andy joined a local zero waste workshop which inspired us to massively reduce our household waste – from one bin bag a week to one small bin bag every 3 weeks. So many friends and family were interested in what we were doing we decided to start our Family Naturally instagram account. We are now starting this blog to share more of our experiences, hints and tips and hopefully to inspire others to make similar changes in their lives.

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