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Halle de Rive

Zero Waste Christmas with Halle de Rive:

For our first Christmas as a zero waste household we were delighted to discover La Halle de Rive food market in Geneva. If you’re entertaining over Christmas but want to avoid all the plastic and packaging that goes with shop bought party food this is the place for you.

Halle de Rive is a gorgeous covered market hall that has been in the heart of Geneva since 1969.

The thing that we love about it is that there is so many different types of gourmet cuisine and local produce under one roof. There are 23 specialist stalls all run by real experts who are always friendly and happy to advise you.

We’ve been working with the Halle de Rive team for a couple of months, as they were keen to offer a more zero waste shopping experience.

It’s fantastic to see that all the stallholders are embracing a zero waste approach and will now happily serve you directly in to your own containers.

You just have to make sure you take enough containers as you always come out with more than you intended.

Many of the stalls have also now replaced single use plastics for more sustainable options. One of our favourites is the pasta straws available from the juice bar, where they also serve an awesome veggie burger!

As the festive season is in full swing, you can find everything you need from nibbles for a drinks’ party to your full Christmas dinner.

We have selected a few of our favourite stalls below but the best bit about La Halle de Rive is going and discovering it for yourself. Just remember to stop for a drink at the bar or have lunch at the Bistro.


For anyone that loves Italian cheese, Casa Mozzarella is not to be missed. It was a happy day for us when we discovered Angelo Albrizio and his delicious mozzarella, made in Geneva from local milk.

It’s almost impossible to find mozzarella anywhere else that’s not wrapped in plastic and this is not regular mozzarella, it’s amazing! They also hand make loads of other Italian cheeses from burrata and bocconcini to scamorza, fior de latte and ricotta.

If you’re after Swiss or French cheese (or any other cheese for that matter) there are also the Fromageries Bruand and Muller. Both of these stalls have a huge range of different dairy products.

They also have delicious fondue mixes that they can prepare in front of you so make sure to have something to put it in.

At the Muller stall, you can also order beautiful cheese platters with a variety of cheeses for a drinks party or an easy but delicious cheese course.

For the Brits in town, head to fromagerie Bruand where you can buy some beautiful stilton for Christmas.


When you’ve had enough of cooking over Christmas or want some easy delicious food for visiting guests, you can also find plenty of homemade, pre-prepared restaurant quality dishes.

We love Le Levantin as they do a great selection of veggie dishes with everything from Iranian to Greek.

Next door the Fouad Traiteur have a stunning selection of artisanale Lebanese cuisine to take away or as your contribution to a buffet!

You can also find delicious fresh artisanal Italian pastas, gourmet Asian buffet selections as well as local Swiss food at some of the other Traiteurs.

Fruit & Veg:

In terms of fruit and veg, the Trésor des Halles is fantastic. They take daily delivery from local market gardens and regional producers for all the best seasonal produce.

There is also a great selection of tropical fruit and veg if you’re looking for something more exotic. They can also make up gift baskets including some of their teas, spices and jams for a perfect zero waste Christmas present idea.

They even stock Brussels sprouts, a must for any British Christmas dinner.

Artisanal Bread:

Both Rücksthul orJenny & Cie are amazing boulangeries with everything you’ll need over Christmas and again available with no packaging.

You can impress visiting relatives with their lovely homemade croissants, breads and a variety of pastry treats for lunches or cocktail parties.

Meat & Fish:

We are both vegetarian so will obviously not be buying any meat or fish over Christmas. However, for the carnivores there is an amazing selection here too.

Le Boucher Volailler is the self-proclaimed “ambassador of poultry” in Geneva having been working in La Halle de Rive for 40 years! This is THE place to order your Christmas bird as all of his meat is free range and freshly prepared for you.

In addition to the other butchers and charcuterie traiteurs there are also two fishmongers. Nearly all of the meat comes from Switzerland or France and (we are told) is excellent quality.

If you’re going to eat any meat or fish over Christmas, this is the best way to buy it as it’s local, free range and packaging free if requested.


The real jewel in the crown is Pâtisserie Ducret. Their chocolate cakes are simply sublime and we’d recommend them for any party or as a special dessert.

They also make pralines, which would make a great zero waste Christmas present as well as a variety of artisanal savory delicacies and sweet delights.

We bought Amelie’s 4th birthday cake from here and I can say it was totally wasted on a bunch of 4 year olds – what were we thinking!

Leading up to Christmas the merchants have a lot of demand so tend to have more pre-packed items than usual. It’s therefore worth popping in before hand to pre-arrange your plastic free shopping experience. Going forward they will be working towards offering more sustainable packaging.

We recommend that you take some time checking out this little gem in the heart of Geneva.

Halle de Rive
Boulevard Helvétique 29,
1207 Genève.

Opening Times:

07:30 to 19:00 Monday to Friday
06:30 to 16:00 Saturdays

Christmas & New Year Opening Times:

22.12.18 – 06:00 to 17:00
23.12.18 – 08:00 to 14:00
24.12.18 – 07:30 to 17:00
25.12.18 – Closed

26.12.18 – Normal Hours
27.12.18 – Normal Hours
28.12.18 – Normal Hours

29.12.18 – 06:00 to 16:00
31.12.18 – 07:30 to 16:00
01.01.19 – Closed
02.01.19 – Closed

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